Theodora Satolia is a graduate of the Juilliard School on music performance (Bachelor and Master Degrees) where she studied with scholarships. She is awarded with the Gold Medal from the Athens Conservatory on her exceptional ability in piano performance at the age of 17. She has been a world class piano soloist touring and representing Greece all over the world. Her wins include 30 first prices in international piano competitions such as Gina Bachaouer in New York and numerous others in USA. 

She has recorded two CDs live from New York and Chicago. She has been a soloist to almost all major countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, USA, Mexico, Belgium, Austria and Greece. She has been awarded with a honorary title from the Hellenic North America Foundation for her contribution to the art and her distribution to the Hellenic Civilization.

As a professional dancer and coach she is working since 2000. She has won plenty awards as a dancesport competitive latin dancer in USA. Since 2008, she is establishing herself as a producer and organizer of high profile dance events in Greece ( DANCE PRODUCTIONS) with increasing success.

Innovating, truthful and always two steps ahead! The story of DANCE PRODUCTIONS is that is a unique creation coming from the love of the dance community in Greece that from the first moment surrounded us with great encouragement and support. For that reason, I am truly grateful to all those people for making my dreams come true and for continuing giving me that power to be creative and productive.


Our break though productions..


The Competitions / Festivals

The first Latin competition was produced in June 2008 with a small circle of friends and students that were willing to participate. Great event, great start! Six months later, the second competition took place with more contestants and more audience. A year later, the competition had to move to a larger place…so, we moved on a stadium adding oriental, hip hop, salsa, arg. Tango, Greek categories. What a heartbeat was that!! Everything went by smoothly and before I realized it the satolia name was a household name on the dancesport scene.. Also we are the only ones that organize once a year a latin competition with Live orchestra since 2011! Great competition as well!


The Superstars Dance Shows in Athens

The year of 2011 was a very important year for the productions since for the first time the Superstars Dance Show in Athens took place staring Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko. What a night to remember! That was only the beginning…Next year Michael Malitowski – Joanna Leunis covered the 2nd Superstars, Justinas Duknauskas – Anna Melnikova presented the 3rd Superstars. The Superstars Dance Shows in Athens are amazing dance events taking place once a year leaving us with unforgettable memories.


The International Summer / Winter Dance Camps

The camps were a long time vision of mine combining the beautiful and countless gorgeous places in Greece with dance education and amusement. The first Summer Dance Camp was organized in July 2012 with great success followed by the second one next year and the Winter Dance Camp in 2014. Four days of nonstop dancing, parties, events, vacation …all with world class coaching! What could anyone want more?


The World Champions Dance Seminars

I am very honored and happy to have presented a roaster of the cream of the top latin champions in Greece. Riccardo Cocchi, Yulia Zagoruychenko, Beata, Michael Malitowski, Joanna Leunis, Anna Melnikova, Justinas Duknauskas, Slavik Kryklyvyy…These are the so far top world latin dancers that have given lessons and seminars to Greece and they are many more to come.



DanceTV started in November 2012. That is a very interesting program on TV that aimed to give information and knowledge to the non – dancesport audience in Greece about dancesport. Ten episodes were produced and seen by the general crowd with increasing interest. DanceTV episodes run on the internet and they are always a must see to all dance lovers.


Dance Fashion Shows

The DFS is a production of a runway with dance accessories, clothes and shoes! All the female dancers and …some male dance wanted to walk on that dance runway. We love Dance Fashion Shows since they gave us the opportunity to admire disigners for the dancesport artistry at its best!

All the productions team gives its best to present and artful outcome! We love dancing and we believe in its magic! We invite you to be part of our dance family and we assure you that it will be an unforgettable ride.. Thank you for being a friend of high class dance procuctions and share the passion of dance!


Seasonal Parties – events

We cannot leave out all the wonderful opportunities that we have to social dancing! Satolia Productions annually gives seasonal parties such as Christmas dance parties, Mask Parties, Summer Parties and much more. We love to enjoy social dancing and have fun with our friends!


Theodora Satolia


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